M. Serrano expands its infrastructures

The area that M. Serrano occupies will double over the next years.

M. Serrano expands its infrastructures

November 2017

In order to consolidate ourselves as one of the main companies dedicated to the industrialization of machining high complexity parts, at M. Serrano we are in the process of expanding our infrastructure. The area that M. Serrano occupies will double over the next years.

Currently, the company comprises approximately one hundred workers and the industrial activity takes place in an area of 5000 m2 of working space and 950 m2 dedicated to administration. The infrastructure of M. Serrano will be doubled: the industrial activity area will increase by 5000m2 and the workforce will increase proportionately.

In 2016 we invoiced €13 million, we expect it to be €16 million by 2017 and for it to keep increasing once the enlargement has taken place. This expansion is a step forward in our growth, which continues to position us as a young and dynamic company which seeks to provide the best service to its customers.

With this expansion, our product range will continue to grow, alongside the growth of our production capacity, development and adaptation of processes and machining, to obtain an optimum level of productive performance, as well as even greater cost optimization than now.

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