What we do

We work on the processing of highly complex machined parts, developing and optimizing them from their initial phases alongside our customers.


We have developed extensive know-how in manufacturing gears using turning, gbroaching and rolling techniques.


We have accumulated ample experience in the machining of heat treated parts, all the means and control processes necessary for their validation in our laboratory.

We machine different materials such as brass, carbon steels and stainless steel.

Examples of what we manufacture include: stainless bushings, precision shafts, start-stop gears or splines with skiving precision finish. In 2019 we started manufacturing pieces for e-bikes.


While our range of products is very large, our greatest strength and differential value lies in our ability to develop and adapt processes and robotizations to machine any type of high complexity piece in series. In this way, we achieve the highest production output and optimization of costs.

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We have highly technological
means focused on products
with high technical quality
and technical performance.


Product Range

We machine different
materials for the manufacture of a
wide variety of

Custom series

We machine any
highly complex serial
production part.